This was never a story

What if, the story you should read is your own? Now that — that’s a story!

I am very happy to announce the publication of my new book:

If you enjoy scary stories based on real hauntings this book is for you.

To celebrate the publication, I have priced The Wee-Jees at 99¢ on Amazon for a limited promotional period, so make sure you get your copy today!

If you would like, after you purchase The Wee-Jees, send…

The Writer’s Worst Fear

This fear is devastating. When it hits we either succumb to it (as most do) or we realize the truth and use it to our advantage.

Indeed, the fear is real and it can kill your next project almost instantly. In fact, when you think about it, you will realize…

You could write a great book and yet have no one ever buy it or much less, read it. Another person could write a mediocre book and it ends up flying off of the shelves.

Which is which, is often subjective. But either way, it’s likely both authors put a…

If you’re not making money online, you’re doing it wrong.

What if you could use your unique talents online to make a living? Would that interest you? It interested me, and that’s why I connected with Matt McWilliams, who is the go-to expert. …

And You Can, too.

Due to failing grades and a seemingly total disregard for my own education, I was pulled out of school during the middle of 10th grade, never to return to high school.

I eventually went to college, but this is the story of what happened in-between — you know, when I…

Every now and then you read something, view something, or hear something that resonates in such a way that it prompts change.

You don’t know why exactly, or even that it is happening, but in time you realize what’s happened and you can pinpoint the exact moment it started.


Interview with Grand Writing and Platform Building Grand-master Jeff Goins:

Jeff, you’ve been successfully helping writers become published authors through your Tribe Writers online course for several years now, and I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you a few questions about self-publishing, platform building, and your online class for writers and bloggers, which is taking over the internet.

There’s a certain magic some bloggers have which makes them become popular.

You can be one of them, because the magic is within you, too. It is.

It’s only a matter of discovering it, harnessing it and using it.

It’s a kind of magic

Your blog is about you and people will return to your…

The Most Crippling Issue for Writers

And How to Beat it!

Since starting Positive Writer and publishing Writer’s Doubt, I’ve received thousands of emails from readers from all over the world asking for more guidance and specific writing exercises they can do to beat the living hell out of their…

Bryan Hutchinson

Badass inspirational writer of, well, badass inspirational stuff for artists and other weirdos like me. — Founder of

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